I love a good savory breakfast and I love tacos. So let’s have some delicious and healthy vegan breakfast tacos. And if you like mexican food as much as I do, then you’ll have most ingredients in your fridge and pantry, so you can whip these up often and in no time. I basically always


It’s getting hot in here, so… HYDRATE MORE! There are so many ways to get more water into your beautiful body, generally but especially during summer. Simple, clear filtered water with added magnesium from my beloved BWT water jug to add extra goodness to your muscles and nerves, drop in some of your favorite fruits

Whole Spelt Pancakes Coconut Whip + Strawberries

Have you ever had pancakes that were fluffy and the texture reminded you of cake? Well, today’s recipe is just that: fluffy, crumbly, cake-like whole spelt pancakes topped with a whipped coconut cream and sweet strawberries. You can use this recipe as a base for different variations. You can even change up the flours and


If you’re like me and you like to add a heaping scoop of a creamy nut butter to almost anything, then you’ll go through a lot of the nutty goodness. The store bought jars can be really pricey and even if you buy the organic kind, they can still contain ingredients, you might not need