Über mich

Once you get to know me, you will quickly find out my huge passion for food and cooking. As a Persian-German, I was raised on two completely different food cultures. That, combined with living overseas and travels around the globe, my love for international flavors has grown daily. No matter if it’s a warm bowl of Bavarian Semmelknödel, dunked into a creamy mushroom sauce, sweet and tangy Pad Thai with hot chilis, crunchy peanuts and loads of cilantro or Tahdig…mmmh Tahdig – that is the super crispy rice crust, which is everyone’s favorite at a Persian dinner table. The smell of buttery steaming hot saffron rice or the sizzling sound of a soft slice of French brioche bread frying in caramalized spiced sugar on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s the pure love and passion for good food, that makes my heart skip a beat. But unfortunately I don’t tolerate alot of my favorite foods anymore. So in my recipes I combine both my passion for flavorful cooking and the needs of my body, meaning I have banned certain foods out of my diet without sacrificing flavor. A huge wish is also to encourage others – with or without an illness – to eat good, delicious and most of all, healthy!