Whole Spelt Pancakes Coconut Whip + Strawberries

Have you ever had pancakes that were fluffy and the texture reminded you of cake? Well, today’s recipe is just that: fluffy, crumbly, cake-like whole spelt pancakes topped with a whipped coconut cream and sweet strawberries. You can use this recipe as a base for different variations. You can even change up the flours and


When I first got the news, that Delínero is having a website overhaul, I was excited to see what they have come up with. Little did I know, that their new online shop will not only be a visual feast but also perfectly match the assortment of products they sell: modern, sophisticated and enticing. I


Rhubarb – either you love it or hate it. I’m the lover kind and it’s one of my favorite spring vegetables. Yes it’s a vegetable, not a fruit but cooked with a little coconut blossom sugar and sun kissed raspberries, it’s super tart flavor turns into pure sweet and tangy goodness. And I’m putting that


I scream for ice cream!!! That’s me, as soon as it get’s a wee bit warmer outside. Sun rays kissing me awake in the morning, birds chirping love songs, butterflies tickling my belly from the inside… yes, it’s that time of the year. And what does this time of the year call for? Yes, ice cream!