So imagine this scenario for just one minute: The alarm clock goes off, tearing you out of your precious sleep, the sound hammering into your brain because it's so loud! You find the button and hit snooze. Laying there thinking to yourself: I have to get up, but I don't want to. You fall back asleep until the same hammering sounds rips you out of your sleep again! Well, now you're awake...awake but not in a good mood. So the day continues with that same kind of vibe. You use eczema cream instead of your toothpaste, you spill jam on your white shirt and then you miss the subway because you had to change your outfit. You get to work late, your boss yells at you for being late, you come home, you had forgotten to take out the trash that was sitting on the kitchen floor, because you had to get out of your dirty shirt, and the cat has torn up the bag, because it smelled tuna...

...Pheew! Sounds like a horrible day, right? But really, if you think about it, every single thing that happened, was just a total banality. It's the succession of trivialities that makes this day so unbearable. So a long story short: what seems to be the missing link? It's time! Time is probably the most precious thing in our lives. Time for more sleep, for getting ready in the morning, for our loved ones, and for ourselves. For things that make us happy, make us wind down in our super busy and scheduled lives.

The best way to have more time, is to take the time. I know you're probably thinking: ha, yeah right!! But really, it's simple: make time for yourself and do what makes your days more joyable. Start the day right, by starting a comforting morning ritual. Are you a tea or a coffee lover? It doesn't matter what you love or what puts a smile on your face, just make room for it. Buy yourself the special coffee beans, grind them yourself, smell the roasted scent, order that ceremonial grade Matcha tea, use filtered water from a good filtering system like this one by BWT - believe me it makes such a huge difference -  it's kind of like yoga for the sences!

I love both coffee and tea, so I have the ingredients for both in my house. I love to soak 2-3 cashews in BWT mineralized water over night, strain them in the morning, mix them in my high speed blender with some oat milk, then run it through a fine sieve, heat it and whip it "real good" ;-). Use this for your favorite coffee latte or matcha latte and you will be hooked on that super creamy and thick mylk froth!

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