When I first started my my blog about a year and a half ago, BWT was one of the first to partner up with me for their Besserwasser magnesium mineralizer. I instantly connected with the brand and the color scheme of the campaign. Water is such an essential part of everyone's lives and I was honored to be part of spreading more appreciation and love for it! So when I was chosen to be a brand ambassador, I was super stoked!

Me and seven other ambassadors Zeki, Alexa, Steffi, Lottie, Kathi and Valentina were invited to a 2-day kick-off event at the beautiful Hotel Nesslerhof near Salzburg, Austria. Morena unfortunately coudn't attend. On the ride to the Hotel, we started to get to know each other and also enjoyed the beautiful Austrian landscape. Simply stunning! 

The first day at the kick-off event was filled with chats, good food, fun workshops and of course lot's of Besserwasser water. After a light vegan lunch, we had a photo shooting for the campaign and alson had the chance to put a creative touch on our own magnesium mineralizer, which will be part of a Besserwasser give-away on Instagram in July! 

As the event was all about water and the essential role purified water playr in its use for beverages and food, our first workshop was about coffee and how to prepare it right. It was held by Evelyn from the coffee roastery CoffeePirates Vienna and she showed us how to brew a filtered coffee like a pro and what incredible flavors different varities of coffee can have. Have you ever imagined coffee tasting like strawberries without adding flavors to it? Just amazing, right?! Followed by the coffee workshop, we dove into the world of matcha tea with Thomas from Kissa. He talked about the difference between matcha tea and regular green tea, taught us about the textures and flavors and how to make a cup of matcha tea the ceremonial way. Besides matcha being so versatile and delicious, it's also so beneficial for the body and mind. 

After a tour through the lovely Hotel Nesslerhof, the day slowly came to an end with a dinner accompanied by delicious vegan food, wine and lots of chats and laughs. I connected so quickly with everyone but esprecially with my room mates Zeki and Alexa. We had so much fun together!

We started the second day of the kick-off event with a yoga session held by the wonderful Nicole from Soul & Yoga. We were wearing our new beautiful yoga wear from Hey Honey, and it felt so vitalizing to do yoga facing the gorgeous mountain scenery. What a great start into the day, and we were ready for a healthy and energizing breakfast made by Hannah from Projekt: Gesund leben. She talked about her food journey and her work as an author of several cook books about the "clean eating" life style. So lovely to see how others share the same knowledge and love for healthy and delicious eats. Breakfast was ready and we were all about the layered raspberry, avocado parfait Hannah made for us and I was even more pumped to style it and share some of my favorite food styling tips with everyone!

We ended the kick-off event with a short visit to the spa and we instantly fell in love with the beautiful design and all the love and care that was put into creating the perfect spa experience. I wish had more time enjoy it but I'm sure I will come back for a visit very soon. What a lovely kick-off it was, filled with fun worshops, delicious vegan food, yoga and spa time, new friendships and lots of goodies to take home.

If you want to find out more about our event, the workshops and all the amazing brands we got to know, check out the following links:







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  1. Das hört sich ja gut an 🙂
    Den Mineralizer kannte ich vorher noch gar nicht und jetzt bin ich total interessiert- da muss ich mich mal weiter informieren.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

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