Are you a coffee lover like me? I don’t drink a lot of coffee but I appreciate one cup a day. It needs to be full bodied with hints of chocolate and toasted hazelnuts and a caramel colored crema on top. I love adding some warm hazelnut milk to it and enjoy it in the morning. Just one good and tasty cup a day! On a hot day, I can totally skip the morning coffee and go with with something refreshing. As you may know, I’m a huge ice cream fan and so I thought, why not make a frozen treat version of my morning pick me up!

Cashews will make the base for these super easy vegan ice cream popsicles. And soaking the cashews for at least three hours in filtered water, is the first thing you need to do. Are you asking yourself „why soak them?“ Well, soaking nuts not only makes them easier for our bodies to digest, but also help absorb nutrients. Most nuts need to soak over night but cashews only for three hours. Next thing is a really good quality coffee of your choice. If you can, grind the beans freshly right before brewing. Believe me, it’s sort of therapheutic and it smells so good. 

After brewing the coffee, you will need to let it cool. Meanwhile start the base of these delicious treats. 


1 1|2 c soaked raw cashews

1 can coconut cream {you just need the solid part on the top}

2 tbsp coconut water or plantbased milk

1|2 tsp bourbon vanilla powder

1|2 c cold espresso or strong coffee

3 or more tbsp coconut palm sugar or maple syrup

1-2 tbsp chocolate super food powder {your favorite brand} or 1-2 tsp raw cocoa powder

1 pinch of sea salt

2 tsp cold espresso for each mold {I needed 16 tsp}

1|2 vegan dark chocolate bar {min. 60% cocoa, I used 80%} melted

Coconut chips or any other sprinkable topping of your choice



1| Add the soaked cashews, coconut cream, coconut water, coffee, vanilla, coconut palm sugar, salt and cocoa in a high speed blender and blend on high for a couple of minutes or until really creamy and smooth.

2| Pour 2 tsp of coffee in each popsicle mold, then pour in the ice cream base. Pouring it in carefully will blend the base and the coffee on the bottom just right, to get that marble look. Add the wooden picks and push them down about half way.

3| Put the popsicles in the freezer for at least 6 hours or over night. You want them to be really frozen otherwise they won’t come out of the molds right.

4| Once they are ready, have the melted chocolate and topping{s} at hand. You may also need some parchment paper because it will get a bit messy. Hold the molds carefully under warm running water for a few seconds {make sure not to get water into the molds}, then pull them out by the wooden picks. If you’re having problems, loosen the edges with a thin knife.

5| Lay the popsicles down on the parment paper, drizzle on the chocolate and add the toppings. You have to be fast, because the chocolate will harden very quickly!

6| Once the chocolate has hardened, wrap them in parchment paper or put in a zipper bag/ container and put back in the freezer.

I’d tell you how long they will keep in the freezer but I promise, they’ll be gone in no time! Enjoy!