Water, is the elixier of life. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing would exist without this crisp and clear liquid. And I know some of you may be thinking „I know, I know“ but let us be honest here: Do you enjoy drinking plain water all the time or even forget to drink water sometimes? I must say, I do love a tall glass of my BWT mineralized water when I’m thirsty but most of the time, I need a little something more, without adding nasty sugars and such to my body. So today I want to inspire you to get up and get creative with your water and I guarantee you’ll be sipping away in no time!

This blog post is not about recipes, it’s about inspiration. I want you to get up after reading this, go to your fridge and pantry and get creative with what you have at home. So how about infusing water with fruits, herbs or even veggies? You don’t need sugary drinks to have that satifying feel, believe me. And guess what, soda or sugar packed juices, just allegedly give a feeling of hydration but actually dehydrate you. Have you ever noticed why you’re even thirstier after drinking sugary juices or sodas? And istead of feeling refuled and refreshed, you body is withdrawn more liquids. Isn’t it absurd?

Ok, done with the rambling. What I’m trying to say is, that you can basically add any fruit, veggie, herb or edible flower to you water. Most importantly though is to start with a good base: crisp and clear filtered water. Why buy expensive water bottled up in yucky plastic bottles and carry it to your home, when you can simply filter your own tab water at home, whenever you need it?! All you need to do, is to invest in a good filtering system, like my BWT Penguin which even enriches your water with magnesium and you’re all set! Now you’re good to go and can get started on making delicious infused water. This time I added pomegranate jewels, fresh lime slices and rose petals to my mineralized water. Just let it sit for at least 30 minutes for the flavors to intensify. For a more intense taste, simply add the ingredients to your pitcher of choice, muddle them up a bit with a wooden muddler or spoon and then add water. Yum!

And then there is work. Are you also having troubles drinking enough water at the office? No problem! Fill up your favorite to-go glass bottle with basil and blueberries, fill it up with magnesium mineralized water and sip away! And guess what, if you buy your BWT Penguin until August 31st, you’ll receive this super stylish BWT EDITION Myequa glass bottle with your order for free!! Isn’t that amazing?! Basil and bluebs are just an example, you can go classic with lemon and ginger, or get all exotic with lemongrass and pineapple.

Since I’ve had my BWT Magnesium Mineralizer, I can’t even imagine drinking regular tap water or making coffee and tea without it. I wouldn’t believe it myself but the difference in taste is HUUUUGE! So how about a cup of freshly brewed jasmin green tea? I had bought these beautiful tea flowers from the market and I absolutely love them. I recommend, to find yourself a good tea shop, delicacy store or produce market and up your tea game by buying the real deal and not just the nasty bagged, kind unless you’re bying a good quality brand. You will know if it’s good quality, if you can see whole tea leaves. The water temperature is also important. When making green tea, make sure the water isn’t boiling but instead around 80°C/ 176°F and only let the tea seap for 1-3 minutes, otherwise it gets really bitter. 

You can drink the freshly brewed tea of choice straight away, maybe sweetened with a little coconut blossom sugar or let it cool, add some ice cubes and drink as an iced tea. 

You can make regular ice cubes by just adding freshly filtered water to your favorite ice cube trays or pimp them up a bit. Hey, I told you I would tell you how to up your water drinking game, right??! It’s the same principle as with infusing water, for instance add raspberries, blueberries, rosemary and thyme to your ice cube tray – the list could be endless here as well – fill it up with water and freeze. 

Once the ice cubes are frozen, you can add them to pretty much any drink! Water of course, duh, but also fresh juices, iced teas and even (virgin) cocktails. The will not only make eveything taste better but they will also be visually appealing. A simple glass of water has never been so beautiful!!

Today I wanted to show you that water doesn’t need to be bland and boring. There are so many easy ways to drink more water and I hope I could inspire you a bit to play around in the kitchen and find new ways to hydrate deliciously. No need to carry all those heavy and yucky plastic bottles or drink expensive, sugary drinks. With a little investment and prep, you can fuel up your body with healthy drinks and believe me, your body and wallets will be thanking you for it. Grab yourself a good quality water filter system like a BWT Penguin and always have crisp, magnesium enriched water at hand. And if you use the code SHABNAM20 at the check-out, you will receive 20% off of all BWT magensium filter cartridges until December 31st 2017. So stock up on them as long as you can!!!

Have fun, get creative and enjoy sipping. Cheers!